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Family Owned & Operated, Philmore's Gourmet combines the delicious flavor profiles of Philadelphia & Baltimore, to create tastes that are sure to satisfy any palate. Founded upon a love of cooking & bringing together Family & Friends, Philmore's Gourmet creates every product with that very objective in mind. ALWAYS FRESH, ALL NATURAL, Philmore's Gourmet... Where The Main Ingredient, Is LOVE!

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Customer Satisfactions

"The Goldie and Bubblin Sauce are MUST haves for your Kitchen!! The Bubblin taste wonderful on Sautéed Veggies!! And the Goldie sauce will take your baked Chicken to a whole new Level! Try it, you will not regret it!!." 

Shakera E.

"Great service and great prices. My all time favorite seasoning is the All About the Garlic. It is TRULY all about the garlic. This seasoning is the go to in my house. It goes on everything; chicken, fish, roasted potatoes, vegetables, even popcorn. What I LOVE most about Philmore's Gourmet is that each and every product is versatile. Whatever food you love, this can be applied to it. Its for nonvegans and vegans alike. You will not be disappointed by whatever you buy."

W.L. Brown

“The Bubblin Brown Suga Sauce is AMAZING. There is nothing that can compete with it. Its sweet with a little kick. It will take your BBQ to the next level. Great on all cuts of beef, chicken, pork, salmon, shrimp, whatever you grill, bake or sauté. This sauce is definitely one to remember. You will not be disappointed.”

Christina Floyd

Bubblin' Brown Sugar is the perfect sauce for meats, chicken, and seafood dishes. I substituted the BBQ sauce for the Bubblin' sauce in my meatloaf recipe and it made my meatloaf pop! I absolutely LOVE the sauce on my baked chicken. For extra flavor on fried chicken, I covered it with the Bubblin' after it was fried, then put it into the broiler for 5 minutes to seal the sauce on...amazing!

D. Wilks

Bubblin- the best sauce I’ve ever tasted... literally. I’m a huge sauce person, so I’ve had my fair share, but Bubblin brown sugar? Game changer. The “OG.” Goes with ANYTHING! I love the little kick it gives combined with the delicious sweet and smoky taste. Speaking of sweet and smoky, it pairs GREAT with it. Match made in heaven.

Goldie- yum! Another “OG” right here! Love cooking with this! Seriously better than anything in the stores. I love it to cook with or dip right into! You can’t go wrong.

Sweet n smoky- this is my all time favorite seasoning. I love making chicken with this and pairing it with the Bubblin sauce! It’s a flavor bomb!

Garlic- I’m a huge garlic fan so when this came about I couldn’t be happier! I ditched the regular store bought garlic powder for this wonderful seasoning!! Nothing compares to it!

Lauren Perry